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The Old Absinthe House

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

As I wondered along bourbon street my peripheral vision caught an edge of a sign. The Old Absinthe House. I was intrigued.
Slithering into a seat in the quintessential dive bar I find myself bellied up to the bar amidst a sea of nare do wells. A weird mix of businessmen and aged rockers seeking the ever elusive green fairy.
I make my selection amidst the noise of street sounds mixed with old jazz and businessman banter.
Pernod Absinthe is best suited to introduce my senses to and overload my taste buds with a harsh black licorice concoction.
I am hooked!
With every sip the sea of noise becomes ever blended as the streets full with more explorers. Wafting scents of stale booze tease my smeller. Sights of over indulged patrons spill their pleasured spirits everywhere as I seek reprieve from the growing stench. I pay no mind and search for more…