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Info graphic on the connection between digital and deep learning

Friday, December 14th, 2012


Heroic Games

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

This video poses a very important question  about video games. Can we use online video games to solve real world problems? Jane McGonigal believes not only is it possible but she has created online games based around generating social networks around critical global issues. Make sure to watch the video to decide for yourself but here is what we (I watched this with two of my sixth grade classes today) think… the majority of the class believes that games can be used to solve world problems. What a hopeful group of students! These students have made good progress and although the other students may not believe in  the power of games it does not reflect their love of playing all sorts of games. As the rest of the classes  watch this today check back for comments and further thoughts.

Here are the links to the Games mentioned in the video:

Play it before you live it!

World Without Oil



Check out the into video for Evoke.

Mobile Learning

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

The first use of mobile learning that comes to mind is the use of twitter accounts with connected RSS feeds to a 2.0 classroom (ning site) where students can post back-channel content and questions via their mobile device and the posts are displayed in real time on a streaming feed in the classroom. As Richard shared his thoughts about the purpose of mobile devices it made a lot of sense if the students have the devices for the purpose of social interaction then let them us it for that purpose. I do think there would be some smarties out there that would post some content not suitable for school but a teachers could handle that in the same manner as any other disturbance in the classroom. Also if a student is heading out on the family spring break trip and they cannot take a textbook with them then mobile chapters, assignments and other easily delivered content can be taken or downloaded to the mobile device. If I know I have a long trip and would like to read a book I ll download it to my touch and have it with me the whole time. Also if i know I cannot read I will get the content in another media format and get my knowledge fix that way. So many ways to use mobile technology and I think it will only increase as the iPad and other related devices will dominate the market. Not to say that lap tops may obsolete in a couple of years but I already hear the younger generations wanting the tablets and why shouldn’t they the tablets are cool technologies that could reduce all those heavy books to one tech machine. Although once anything is seen as a school tool it too might lose its allure.