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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Throughout the PD meetings I attend I am coming to find that not a lot of teachers have a PLN or are not very into the PD event being attended. Because of this I have ventured out of my district, state (yep good bye NC) and country (hello Canada). I believe it is important to expand outside of all borders and share educational philosophies, resources, tips and advancements in content delivery. There is a real business model here in the US and a lot of the rhetoric infiltrates the conversations especially data driven gains in student growth and the money or the actual survival of the school is at stake. Because of this focus nearly all PD meetings are about reading data discussing data and writing goals to better student achievement. At least that was my experience for the past 5 years.
Don’t worry though there is a ray of hope in here… I was able to choose to take a PD seminar and got to attend a Blackboard site development workshop. It consisted of short how to lessons followed by 10 to 15 min of work time to fine tune what you had just learned. We attended 5 sessions like this and then our final session was a 3 hour free for all on the site where we could create and post and organize the content. Even amongst the varying skill levels a lot of great content was generated. Now because of the session I have a direct online link to students as they have access to all my assignments and notes. The 3 hour block at the end was the key to its success. During this time I had learned enough to really get in to the program. Great use of time and as a class we are now connected to other social media sites and collaborating outside of the classroom environment. Really beneficial!