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Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

David Weinberger’s philosophical understand of the cultural impact web based technologies is having is an impressive historical perspective along with providing a guide in thought as to how the way we organize and interact with our world is changing.

He describes it as lumping and splitting, the act of categorizing materials and ideas. The way in which we categorize our world is an essential part of our understanding of the world. We place many aspects of our lives into categories, segments, and groups in order to reflect on the values we place on these contexts and disseminate their value. The basic act of tagging violates this fundamental thought. If we are to make available a thought or physical object there should be a specific place to find it. But with Tagging you are allowing more paths of queries to find the same end. The more tags an object or thought has the more valuable the content.

In early thought a person who has the idea owns the idea. Perhaps an early form of intellectual property rights advocacy. Individuals have exclusive rights to content and can edit it how they wish. The massive collaboration on the web through RSS feeds and the use of wiki style webpage’s provides editing for the masses runs head on into the ownership of knowledge. When we share the content online we are developing a shared consciousness. The editors of the content are now the owners. We have the power to reorganize. We are now the owners of the content as we to have a say.