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Religions do not lead to moderate behaviour

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Religion is a divisive virus and in the wrong hands a deadly weapon used to justify horrific acts.

and Sam Harris’ response:

I would love to hear your thoughts regarding this topic. Please feel free to comment and discuss.


Saturday, October 11th, 2014

This will be the first in a series of posts regarding Morality. Some time ago I read Henry Sedgwick’s The Method of Ethics. I found this to be a quite intriguing read that resulted in numerous reflective moments. I begin in chapter one…

“…moral action is often the Rightuess of the action itself and not any ulterior consequences, and that this is known intuitively in each case or class of cases;” as he continues and frames mans pursuit of morality he “…prefer[s] to consider Ethics as the science or study of what ought to be, so far as this depends upon the voluntary action of individuals.”

This initial distinction reconciles with my personal thoughts in that, morality is the concept and ethics is its application in practice. As a moralist one has a practical aim: they desire knowledge of right conduct in order to act on it. Derived from reflection one can seek unity of principle and work to find a consistency of methods at the risk of uncovering a paradox. Whereas, the dogmatic is apt to hold different principles at once, in a more or less confused combination.

“…hold that men, in so far as they attempt to make their conduct rational, do so, naturally and habitually, upon different principles and by different methods. I admit, of course, as a fundamental postulate of Ethics, that either these methods must be reconciled and harmonized, or all but one of them rejected.” The act of justification is heavy in man’s logic. With each subsequent re-framing of act, to align with ones narrative, portions of reality trickle away from the onslaught of reconciled time.

“At the same time I am not without hope of affording aid towards the construction of such a system; because it seems easier to judge of the conflicting claims of different modes of thought, after an impartial and rigorous investigation of the conclusions to which they logically lead.” As this will aid us as we embark to devise a method of which to apply the ethics of morality.

Part two to follow shortly…

YANSS Podcast 033 – The psychology of forming, keeping, and sometimes changing our beliefs

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Yet another great YANSS Podcast.

You Are Not So Smart

The Topic: Belief

The Guests: Will Storr, Margaret Maitland, and Jim Alcock

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Pizza Hut Pyramids

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Put your right hand on your head. Unless you are near a mirror, you can no longer see your hand, but you know where it is, right? You know what position it is in. You know how far away it is from most of the other things around you. I’m using the word “know,” but that’s just for convenience, because you don’t actually know those things. That is, you can’t be 100 percent certain your hand is on your head. You assume it is, and that’s as good as it…

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The Old Absinthe House

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

As I wondered along bourbon street my peripheral vision caught an edge of a sign. The Old Absinthe House. I was intrigued.
Slithering into a seat in the quintessential dive bar I find myself bellied up to the bar amidst a sea of nare do wells. A weird mix of businessmen and aged rockers seeking the ever elusive green fairy.
I make my selection amidst the noise of street sounds mixed with old jazz and businessman banter.
Pernod Absinthe is best suited to introduce my senses to and overload my taste buds with a harsh black licorice concoction.
I am hooked!
With every sip the sea of noise becomes ever blended as the streets full with more explorers. Wafting scents of stale booze tease my smeller. Sights of over indulged patrons spill their pleasured spirits everywhere as I seek reprieve from the growing stench. I pay no mind and search for more…