2012 Education Budget

Monday, February 14th, 2011
Found on NPR. Just a quick breakdown of the education budget.
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It includes $26.8 billion for elementary and secondary schools, an increase of 6.9 percent over last year. Schools must spend this money on raising academic standards, expanding programs that work and phasing out those that don’t.

Funding for the Title I program, which targets low-income students, would get an increase of $300 million, to $14.8 billion. The new money is to reward schools where kids make the most progress.

Special education would get a $200 million boost, raising next year’s total to $11.7 billion.

Those are big programs. There are dozens of smaller ones that total billions of dollars in competitive grants to encourage school districts to expand preschool, shut failing schools and train teachers — especially in math and science.

In higher education, the administration wants $49 billion to shore up Pell Grants, the single biggest source of federal aid for 8 million low-income college students. The maximum Pell Grant now is $5,500.

— Claudio Sanchez
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