Another class begins

Monday, January 17th, 2011

As I enter one of my final two classes I find myself examining the aspects of community and the role it plays in the formation of schools and learning environments. Our first assignment was to provide a quick overview of our perceptions of our current school community. The following is my initial perspective of my community although make sure to stay tuned as I am sure my view of community will change as I get further into the course reading:

The school community I am part of is heavily connected to technology with a subject focus on the disciplines of Math and Science. F.J. Carnage is a magnet middle school for the three focal areas of Math, Science and Technology. All members of the school community have committed to pursuing achievements in these areas and community members involved in the educational pursuits consist of administrative staff (district and school based), teachers, counselors, building maintenance personnel, students, and parents. The economics of the school are heavily influenced by the politics of the county as one of the original purposes of building the school was to add value to a lower socioeconomic area of the city through its offering of what is considered by members of the community subject disciplines that will translate into higher education pursuits for those who attend the institution. One way in which the school community is working towards the shared vision of higher level interaction with knowledge is through the use of interactive technology based hardware and offering elective courses which allow for greater familiarity in the Math and Science disciplines.


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