Summer time away

Friday, August 6th, 2010

As the summer comes to an end its time to start getting back into some academic thought. Did some updates on the Slightly Shumay ning site but was shocked to find the once free service limiting their access and charging $20 per month for what I once had. I am aware that hosting services need to make money and perhaps its my naive educational sense of free sharing that made this hard to swallow. Now, there is a $3 per month charge that allows enough access to the sites services that I can get away with this option for a little while but see a need for the upgraded service even before I get working with my students in the classroom.

So all said and done I m going to start with the limited version and see what happens. I predict by the end of the first month of collaborating with students I m going to need that upgrade. We ll see…


2 comments on “Summer time away

  1. Jeff Greenslade says:

    Right on Cameron, I was pondering the same thing. And thanks to Alec for the link, just signed up. Chat with you real soon.

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