Can technology deliver differentiated instruction?

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
The aspect of authentic differentiated instruction, one that allows the student to have a more tailored experience is essential in the merging of technology and education.
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Trend #9: The Long Tail. When sells more items that aren’t carried in retail stores than are, it’s pretty apparent that an era of specialized production is made possible by the Internet. Chris Anderson’s Wired Magazine article, and then his book, should capture the attention of the educational world as the technologies of the Web make “differentiated instruction” a reality that both parents and students will demand. I can go online and watch heart-surgery take place live. I can find a tutor in almost any subject who can work with me via video-conference and shared desktop. If a student cares about something–if they have a passion for something–they can learn about it and they can actually produce work in the field and become a contributing part of that community.

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