Chat with students on ning’s chat app

Thursday, January 21st, 2010
Slightly Shumay

Discussion Forum on Slightly Shumay

I just got through chatting with a group of 5 students from my 6th grade class on our Slightly Shumay ning site. It was amazing! These students were posting pictures, videos and discussing Haiti, rocks (which we are studying in class now) and other topics as they came up. One student would post something and guide the others check it out. After a brief pause in the discussion forum the students then returned to discuss, some detailed and others with less detail the pictures and videos the others had posted. The students have even started a discussion thread on HAARP as one of the students found a video claiming that HAARP was responsible for the earthquake. Remember these are 6th grade students who now get guidance one on one about how to decide the validity of sources as it relate to real world events. I believe that this is a way in which web 2.0 tools are benefiting the students of today.


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