Over reaction?

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Colleague tweeted this article earlier, Science project prompts SD school evacuation . After reading it I had some mixed reactions, especially to some of the comments. I agree there may have been some over-reaction to the device itself but is it not an administrators duty to protect the student population from an unknown threat? There have been school shootings, bomb threats and various threats so to be cautious is important. However, who has the right to call it stupidity or safety? It sometimes seems like when we are over cautious we are called foolish or claim ‘the terrorist’s must be winning b/c we’re doing our jobs’ and keeping school safe. On the other side if we are not cautious enough and we are not taking care of the best interests of our student population and someone gets really hurt there are the ‘well why didn’t you take it seriously’? Some of the counseling comments made in the article did extend past what was called for in dealing with the incident but who can really blame a cautious administrator who is being responsible to his clientele?


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