Another Reality

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Here is a continuation of the 6th sense post. This video highlights technology integration with the real world and its subsequent benefits in various industries.

How this technology could impact the classroom…

Imagine standing in your classroom on the first day, most times this is quite an intimidating event even as a veteran teacher. Honestly you know very little about the students sitting in the classroom both educationally and personally. Some teachers do take the time before school commences to go to each students cumulative folder and do some research on the student and this process takes a lot of time. Although I have never taken the time to look through students cumulative folder I definitely see some benefit to this. Also with the amount of initial information that accompanies each student the data management can be very challenging.

Now imagine an interactive environment where at each glance towards a student you are provided instant access to their digital cumulative folder in real-time. Modification for students with differentiation needs, parent contact, discipline records and other important information that would make our interaction with students more authentic. If a teacher needs parent contact information to discuss student issues and they can look over to the particular student and the information required shows up in a heads up display. Seemless integration between the real and virtual world can provide this type of future education setting.

More thoughts to come… have to get back to teaching for a moment.


2 comments on “Another Reality

  1. Bettina Welsh says:

    Interesting the possibilities. Anything that would help the process of getting to know students would be fabulous. Maybe it wouldn’t take until Christmas to get through to many!! Thanx, Bettina

  2. Michelle Clarke says:

    Hmm.. I can see the possible benefits as you say, but I can see some drawbacks to knowing too much about your students before you get a chance to establish your own personal relationship with them. I sort of feel that sometimes the labels that others attach to learners can sometimes “haunt” them. This is especially true for students who have had negative experiences with a previous teacher and then has a notation made in his/her file that is readable by everyone else. The student never gets a chance to make a fresh start in some cases. I personally never pre-read cumulative files on my learners for precisely this reason. If there is an incident that happens with me that raises a possible red flag then that is when I’ll consult the cumulative file and see if this is a pattern of behavior or if this is something unprecedented.

    Just my two cents on it 🙂 I think the virtual overlays on what we perceive is a very interesting idea (from the video posted) and I can definitely see the potential benefits of it. Thanks for sharing it!

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