New Media Landscape

Friday, November 20th, 2009

As of late, learning has taken on a new direction for me. I was such a hunter and gatherer before in my approach to searching for information and was a very messy organizer with resources scattered over numerous sites and bookmarks restricted to one computer. I have now not only amalgamated my resource material but have also been able to feed updated content to me. As this journey progressed I felt there were new skills being developed, mostly due to the enormous headaches I got from diving deep into the web 2.0 style. While watching The New Media Literacies they discussed skills needed to be effective in this new media landscape. The first skill being judgment. Students need to be able to judge content and its value to answer their question or satisfy their search. Students should also be able to filter content as a means to disseminate information they feel is of value. Students should want to play and be engaged with not only the media and content but with the actual process of discovering the information. If its not the least bit entertaining who cares. Some of the more academic concepts discussed covered ideas like transmedia navigation were students seek out information from various sites and pull important details from the text and gather/generate media to supplement their work. Simulation is also important as an extension of real world experience as interaction is a crucial aspect of engagement with students. If a student doesn’t connect or they don’t feel the program offers valid content they will migrate to another site.

One aspect the video did not touch on directly is the concept of trans-media migration. The phenomenon as a group discovers new media sites and technologies and the time it takes from peer to peer contact to generate a user base and the time it takes before the site has to update their server due to influx of traffic. Sometimes migration can be instant as a form of web based positive peer pressure or it can take on the more embedded way of making its way through social networking. This is an are I am interested in and am exploring further


One comment on “New Media Landscape

  1. Jeffg says:

    I can relate Cameron as I too was totally disorganized and thus frustrated when I tried to find a previous site but forgot where to look for it. I use the following analogy when I try to explain to colleagues and students the power of RSS, delicious, customsearches, etc…
    “Instead of going out to buy the newspaper, it gets delivered to your house”.
    It’s nice to see the progress in our learning!

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