Parent letter

Monday, November 16th, 2009

In order to do my project there were several hurdles to overcome. First progress came with the permission from the school board technology committee to allow us access to the social networking site slightlyshumay. Next was permission letters to the parents upon the approval of grade level administrator and the principal. The rest will be documented as the site become more active.

Included below is the Parent Letter.

Dear Parents,

F.J Carnage Magnet Middle School for Math, Science and Technology stays on the cutting edge of education with web 2.0 learning. We are afforded an opportunity to push learning further through the creation and use of a content based (North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study) learning resource. is a networking site based off of open source media. This means the site provides access to diverse production models, communication paths, and interactive communities. All posts are run through a filter for tagged words and all work is given a review by the moderator (Mr. Shumay) prior to publishing. This is not a homework site but rather a place for students to share media and thoughts based on high interest topics in the area of science and connect with fellow students. Wake County Public Schools has given us the go ahead on the technology side of the initiative and what we need next is students who want to participate. This is where your role begins. In order for a student to access they need to be invited by the moderator (myself) which requires each student to provide a valid email address which I input into the system and grant them access to the site. Parents and students who choose to be involved can fill out the attached form and return it to Mr. Shumay as soon as possible. The quicker you get the information back the sooner you can start participating. This is not a mandatory activity and you and your child’s involvement is totally up to you. There are bonus points attached to participating on the site and students will not lose points if they opt out. I look forward to our conversations, media posts and overall interaction with this cutting edge approach to technology in the classroom.

Thank you

Mr. Shumay

I (parent name) _____________________________ give permission for my child (child’s name) _______________________________ to be added to the invited participants list on

Email address for ning access: (remember the address will not be posted anywhere on the actual site and privacy restrictions are set at the highest level with no students actual names being used. Students will generate a required User name during set up).                              email address___________________________________________________________

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